Fons Schiedon


SOMETIMES my work IS SHOWN IN galleries or museums.

Spring Exhibition (group) - Kunsthal Charlottenburg, Copenhagen, 2012

Man with a Plan (solo) - MU, Eindhoven, 2011

An Almost Entirely Perfect Representation of a Black Horse (solo) - 28lux, Berlin, 2011

Before in place; Earlier in time (solo) - Gallery West-Berlin, Berlin, 2009

Revolution Deformation (solo) - Concrete Hermit, London, 2008

Solo exhibitions
2011 Museum MU, Eindhoven - "Man with a Plan"
2011 28 Lux Berlin - "An almost entirely perfect representation of a black horse"
2009 Gallery West Berlin - "Before in Place, Earlier in time"
2008 Concrete Hermit, London - "Revolution Deformation"
2007 Extrafein, Berlin - "What I like, What I do"

Group exhibitions
2015 "Summer Salon" - Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2015 "Eine Enzyklopädie des Zarten", Schlossmuseum Weimar
2014 "The Oneminutes", Power Station of Art, Shanghai
2014 "Service Lift". Atelierhaus Hannover
2014 "PICTOPLASMA MEXICO" MARCO – Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey
2014 "The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery", Berlin
2013 La Casa Encendida, Madrid - "White Noise"
2012 SOMA San Francisco, "Codame Art + Tech Festival"
2012 Kunsthal Charlottenburg, Copenhagen - "Spring Exhibition"
2011 University of Texas - media lab
2010 hAi Gallery - "The Misprints"
2009 Jonathan Levine Gallery, NY - "True Self" curated by Gary Baseman
2009 Stroke Art Fair
2009 Haus der Kulturen der Welt - "Pictopia"
2009 Fitzroy Amsterdam
2008 "Now Showing" - Film poster exhibition in London and Barcelona
2007 "Two Faced" - Cosh Gallery London and Librairie Gallery, Hong Kong
2007 Outland Records -"BabyQee expo"
2006 Museum MU Eindhoven - "Copy/Paste History"
2006 "Kersvers" - Post CS Building Amsterdam